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Poetry Planet Podcast

"Poetry Planet Podcast" By Angelique Kereecko 

I do not own or control the social media platforms. Within my individuality, I need to express my thoughts, poetry, and all other art forms without limitations. You can enjoy the original Sweet, Dark, Erotic, and Heavenly expressions at the Poetry Planet Podcast

You get access to:

(1) Receive a shout-out on the IG Page @angeliquekereeckoofficial

(2) The inspirations for the poems,

(3) The inspirations for the UX Design, digital art

(4) 7 days early access to the full length poems, 

(5) The in-depth creation process,

(6) Get answers to your interview questions. Ask your questions on Instagram. I explain the detailed answers on the Poetry Planet Podcast.

Enjoy this poetic journey!

Thanks A Million 😍💜 



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