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Glitter & Acrylic Painting


This "Glitter and Acrylic Painting" , shows two different visual textures. You see the smooth acrylic texture throughout. Then, you see the glitter 3 dimensional texture. Both textures are almost equally balanced. The glitter adds shine and a 3 dimensional effect with the multiple colors within the glitter paint. In real life, you can enjoy the smooth feeling of the acrylic paints- red, magenta and black. In real life, you can experience the forever changing glitter colors, depending on the angle that you look at the painting. This painting looks great on the wall next to your window. You can put this painting on the inside window sill in your office. The natural light or the sunlight can shine onto this painting. This painting brightens up your mood and decorates your room or office.

This is an original painting created by my own hands. This is the only painting of this design. This is the only 1 available. When a customer buys it, then it is sold.

This acrylic painting is on an 8 inch x 10 inch canvas.
Canvas Size: 8” x 10”.
Number of painting included is 1.
** The painting is wrapped in bubble wrap to protect the painting from damage, during the shipping and delivery.