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Glitter Diagonal Lines Painting


This “Glitter Diagonal Lines” painting was created with acrylic paint, glitter, and rhinestones. The diagonal lines cause your eyesight to move up and down and back again. These lines make your eye become curious about the direction of each line. These lines bring movement into this painting.

As an artist, I am fascinated by the glistening brilliance of the glitter and the rhinestones. Adding the glitter and rhinestones brings life to the acrylic paint. There is no need to imagine what the visual texture is. You can feel the 3 dimensional texture with all of your fingertips and hands. You can hold for yourself, a piece of the immaculate beauty of the universe, the rhinestones.

This is an original painting created by my own hands. This is the only painting of this design. This is the only 1 available. When a customer buys it, then it is sold.

This acrylic painting is on an 8 inch x 10 inch canvas.
Canvas Size: 8” x 10”.
Number of painting included is 1.
** The painting is wrapped in bubble wrap to protect the painting from damage, during the shipping and delivery.